Young Scientist-Interactive STEM Experiences

NEW Works® and partners worked with Brandon Culpepper of PeppNation, Sports Leadership Camps serving the Amani Children’s Outing Association (COA), to explore and experience Milwaukee’s water resources and career opportunities in the water industry. Thirty children and their 6 adult supervisors were able to experience this unique Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in Water experience.

Pepp-Nation-at-roundtable-cropped Pepp-Nation-Group Diving-Suit-and-Kid2 Photo Jul 12, 3 35 04 PM  Photo Jul 12, 2 52 03 PM  Photo Jul 05, 11 10 47 AM  Photo Jul 05, 10 47 10 AM  Photo Jul 05, 10 45 38 AM  Photo Jul 05, 3 58 12 PM  Photo Jul 05, 3 32 25 PM  Photo Jul 05, 3 32 23 PM  Photo Jul 05, 2 23 32 PM  Photo Jul 05, 1 40 04 PM

Ten to 15 students grouped by high school, middle school and elementary school were taken through a day-long walking and hands-on discovery experience tour of at least 3 of the following centers: Discovery World, UWM-School of Freshwater Sciences, and the Global Water Center where they participated and learned about various aspects of the water sciences and career opportunities in the water industry, inspiring interest and building knowledge. Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) supported the program by providing very important illustration of various careers with the District that one can have with education and training in the S.T.E.M. fields.

Young scientists that completed the first day and are interested in a “deeper dive” into STEM in Water opportunities will return for a second day of programs. This will include understanding the workings of Milwaukee Water Resources Reclamation Facility at Jones Island and MMSD Laboratories.

Written comments from the youth included:
Diving Suit and Kid2

I would like to learn more about the careers with water. I would like to know how much they make a year with those jobs also.

I would like to know more about Monitoring/Sampling Technician, Payroll specialist, customer service coordination

Yes, it was good, all of it.

I had fun, but I want a different job.

Thank you to the following organizations and folks that helped with this first Water STEM initiative:

Zak Heimerl, NEW Works
Dr. Ai Nihongi, Scientist, UWM-School of Freshwater Sciences
Liz Sutton, Manager Outreach, UWM-School of Freshwater Sciences
Tom Hansen, UWM-SFS
Student Teachers: Jeremy Rubio, Elizabeth Fennimore, Jennifer McNeil
Cora Lee – Palmer: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District, Educational outreach coordinator

SPONSORS: This program made possible by present and previous generous support of our sponsors:

Sage Water, LLC

Rexnord Corporation

The Water Council

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

ThorLabs, Inc.

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, School of Freshwater Sciences

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