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ShajanThe Visionary: Shajan John

entrepreneur engineer educator enabling water access…

Shajan is Founder and President of NEW Works and a strategy expert in the water management and talent acquisition fields. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering from Manipal University and Master of Science in Engineering Management from Milwaukee School of Engineering. View Shajan John LinkedIn profile View Shajan John’s profile

The Trainers …educating engineering and technical troubleshooting

Tom Jenkins3Thomas E. Jenkins

Tom Jenkins: Founder of ESCOR – Energy Strategies Corp. Chapter Author WEF MOP 32 Energy Conservation in Wastewater Treatment Facilities Peer Reviewer EPA EPA 832‐R‐10‐005 Evaluation of Energy Conservation Measures for Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Member WEF Municipal Treatment Plant Design Committee, Instructor for University of Wisconsin Professional Development Program, Independent Consultant. Over thirty years experience in wastewater treatment, including process evaluation, control systems, aeration systems, energy conservation, blower systems, and mechanical equipment design. Mechanical design experience includes structural analysis and power transmission systems for construction equipment, RBCs, flocculators, and rectangular clarifiers. Piping system design experience includes wastewater pumping stations and aeration system piping. Performed field start-up and testing of energy conservation and automatic process control systems in wastewater treatment plants worldwide, including aeration systems and blower controls.
Co-founded Energy Strategies Corporation (ESCOR) in 1984, which became the Dresser Roots Wastewater Solutions Group in 2007.    View Thomas Jenkins LinkedIn profile View Thomas Jenkins profile

Brian-Van-RoyBrian Van Roy

Brian received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Milwaukee’s School of Engineering as well as a Masters with a Specialty in Hydraulics. He currently has his hands in three companies as a consultant and contract engineer, but spends most of his time with Integrated Motion Control in Milwaukee. He loves any kind of troubleshooting in automation controls and hydraulic machinery.  >>read more about the complex equipment Brian has worked with   View Brian Van-Roy's LinkedIn profile View Brian Van-Roy’s profile


Dennis Webb

Fellow trainer Dennis is passionate about providing innovative technical solutions to the water industry. He has worked with Badger Meter Inc. for over 28 years. He recently started Sage Water, a water solutions consulting company also located in the Global Water Center. >>Dennis knows water.
 View Dennis Webb LinkedIn profile View Dennis Webb’s profile

Kent Ehley

Kent comes to NEW Works with over 40 years of quality assurance experience., having worked in consulting and education management for Fortune 500 Companies as well as small start-ups. He is particularly interested in training for water management technology at the K-12 level. 

>>Find out more about Kent’s activity in the Water Industry.  View Kent Ehley LinkedIn profile View Kent Ehley’s profile